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FACEC  Angiotensin Converting Enzyme, CSF ARUP Laboratories
ACE  Angiotensin Converting Enzyme, Serum Mayo Clinic Laboratories in Rochester
FANGI  Angiotensin I, Plasma Inter Science Institute
ANISP  Anisakis, Parasite, IgE, Serum Mayo Clinic Laboratories in Rochester
ANSE  Anise, IgE, Serum Mayo Clinic Laboratories in Rochester
FANSE  Annatto Seed (Bixa orellana) IgE Eurofins Viracor
ANNEX  Annexin-1 Immunostain, Technical Component Only Mayo Clinic Laboratories in Rochester
FABAA  Anti-bestrophin Autoantibodies Ocular Immunology Laboratory OHSU
FACN1  Anti-cN-1A (NT5c1A) IBM Esoterix Endocrinology
ADNAS  Anti-DNase B Titer, Serum Mayo Clinic Laboratories in Rochester
FAEAB  Anti-Enterocyte Antibodies The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Main Bldg 5th Floor Rm 5203
FIGA  Anti-IgA Eurofins Viracor
FANTI  Anti-IgE Eurofins Viracor
FAMDA  Anti-MDA-5 Ab (CADM-140) Esoterix Endocrinology
FFMI2  Anti-Mi-2 Ab Esoterix Endocrinology
FANIC  Anti-Nuclear Antibodies by Indirect Fluorescent Antibody (IFA), Cerebrospinal Fluid Esoterix Endocrinology
FFANA  Anti-Nuclear Antibodies, Synovial Fluid Esoterix Endocrinology
FCLNE  Anti-Phosphatidylcholine Ab BioAgilytix Diagnostics
FPHET  Anti-Phosphatidylethanolamine Panel BioAgilytix Diagnostics
FAPMA  Anti-PM/Scl-100 Ab Esoterix Endocrinology
FARWB  Anti-retinal autoantibodies follow up, WB Ocular Immunology Laboratory OHSU
FAS1A  Anti-SAE1 Ab, IgG Esoterix Endocrinology
FFRFT  Anti-Synthetase Profile Esoterix Endocrinology
FATHO  Anti-Th/To Ab Esoterix Endocrinology
FAT1G  Anti-TIF-1gamma Antibody Esoterix Endocrinology